Declarations Periods

Deadline for filing your return


Every merchant shall remit the fees collected to the City’s treasury by the following due dates:

  1. April 30 for all fees collected from January 1 to March 31;
  2. July 31, for all fees collected from April 1 to June 30;
  3. by October 31, for all fees collected from July 1 to September 30;
  4. by January 31, for all fees collected from October 1 to December 31;


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The fee is applied in accordance with by-law number 575-2021 and its three corrective by-laws, namely by-law number 581-2022, by-law number 590-2022 and by-law number 600-2022 | imposing a regulatory fee to contribute to the financing of municipal tourism infrastructure. 



How to pay the tourist royalty


  • By check to the order of : VILLE DE PERCÉ

Write the registration number/reference code on your check D6000…

Mail to 137, route 132 Ouest, C.P. 99, Percé (Québec) G0C 2L0


You can also make your payments at most financial institutions through the ATM, directly at the counter or by internet.


  • At your bank’s ATM

Supplier : Ville Percé – Taxes

Enter the reference number * see description below


  • At the counter of your banking institution

Supplier : Ville Percé – Taxes

Give your reference number to the cashier * see description below 


  • By internet, on your bank’s website 

Supplier : Ville Percé – Taxes

Enter the reference number * see description below



ATTENTION : If you have several accounts, you must pay each account individually by entering the

reference number for each account you are paying. You can create several invoices for the supplier

Ville Percé – Taxes, so you choose the right reference number when you pay.


* The reference number to use is the one appearing in the # reference box (starting with a D).

You must enter it without letters, hyphens or spaces. This reference number is made up of 4 digits.

Depending on the banking institution, you enter as many 0’s as necessary at the end.



For example: : Desjardins AccèsD requires 10 digits

Do not enter the letter D         Example: 6 0 8 3 0 0 0 0 0 0